PVC welding hose

Product details

NTI welding hose is produced by using advanced technology from Italy. The hose is specially designed and suitable   for cutting, bending and welding metal work. Those properties remain intact even when some bigger spatters cool down on the hose.


Special features:


Minimal expansion of the hose diameter under working pressure

High Flexibility in the Hose at low temperatures.

Dimensional stability at high temperatures.

Low weight per meter of the Hose makes easier handling.

Does not catches fire-short duration flames are self-extinguishing as the Hose flame retardant material does not allow the flame to propagate along the length.

It is an innovative product with cutting-edge technology from Italy

Model: PVC welding hose

Technical details

PVC welding hose (6×13mm) 1/4″ 100m

Product Code


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