Hardware & Agricultural Tools

With more than 100 years of experience and responsibility towards Thai consumers, you can trust us to select the finest products for you.


Hardware Tools

We offer a broad selection of professional quality hand, mechanical and power tools, pumps, high technology high pressure hoses, and abrasives. The brands we have selected are noted for their durability, value for money and high consumer satisfaction as they all have warranties, and support from our after-sales service and maintenance teams.


Agricultural Tools

We are a distributor with an extensive portfolio of agricultural products featuring best-selling international and local brands for different purposes including pesticides, brush cutters, pumps, and equipment for cultivation. Our team of technical sales is always on hand to recommend products and brands best suited for different purposes and terrains. We train our distributors so they can properly advise end users, and also offer spare parts and after-sales service.


Water Pump

High quality water pump and equipment imported and distributed under “MITSAN” quality brand.
“WATERMAN” is a product group for supplying water for household, agriculture, gardening, and general water supply service. “Waterman” Pump is durable and provides value for money with highest satisfaction. Warranty and spare parts are available for all products.

Hand Tools

High quality and easy to use professional hand tools in compliance with world-class standard. You can trust our selected products, e.g. saw blade imported from Sweden and hardened teeth hand pruners imported from Japan. We believe that you will be highly satisfied with our hand tool product category.

Surface Remover

Abrasive product category. Abrasive cloth and abrasive paper of the world’s leading brands in the US and Europe, e.g. abrasive paper roll, abrasive cloth belt, sanding disc, abrasive paper for wood, dry abrasive paper, abrasive Velcro disc for sanding various types of surfaces. It is easy, convenient, fast, time-saving, and effective to use. It has been trusted by Thai customers for over a century.

Air Tools

world-class standard, high quality, and easy to use professional hand tools. You can trust our selected products for a variety of work including hand tools, electrical tools and accessories, e.g. Ingersoll Rand hand tools from the US.

Agriculture Tools & Accessories

Our selected product group is practical, durable, and suitable for each type of work. We also provide product knowledge and how to use the product for customers. We have been trusted by farmers for a long time.

Cutting & Grinding

products for all types of industrial technicians for heavy duty and small work. Cutting wheels and grinding wheels are produced for use with various types of materials, e.g. steel, stainless, glass. Our products are made from high quality raw materials through advanced production technology, resulting in quality output, quick completion, savings, and highest safety.

Personal Protective Equipment

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