Celuka (Blue label)

Product details

PYX-Pix PVC foam sheet is produced by world-class
cutting edge machines from Europe accepted by the industry that offers continuously perfect quality. SO PYX PVC foam sheet has distinguished quality. To control quality, quality testing tools, e.g. BRABENDER

Rheometer, X-RITE Sphere, Spectrophotometer, Melt Index are used to test and control quality of the PVC foam sheet to ensure that PYX product’s quality is in compliance with the specified standard. PYX PVC foam sheet offers a variety of applications, e.g. advertising, furniture, interior decoration, house, building, commercial building, and other work.

PYX PVC foam sheet is lightweight and durable with a variety of thickness. It can be cut, drilled, fixed or formed easily, providing flexibility and beauty for various types of decoration. PYX PVC foam sheet can be used both indoor and outdoor. It can be used without painting on the surface and it is easy to clean by using general cleaning solutions to remove dust and pollution on PVC foam sheet surface, resulting in less labor and cleaning solution cost compared to equivalent material.

Celuka Sheet (Rigid. Suitable for work that requires special rigidity. For both indoor and outdoor) Blue label


  • Strong, durable, resistant to heat and water / long-lasting, lightweight / various size and thickness options
  • Easy to cut, drill, fix, form, and install, saving labor cost.
  • Low water absorption / Easy to paint or spray on
  • Easy to attach film, sticker, or laminate
  • Digital Direct Printing is applicable
  • Better resistant to chemicals and corrosion
  • Fire retardant
  • Low heat conduction, able to use as temperature insulation
  • Able to use as sound insulation
  • Flat, even, easy to clean surface
  • Safe without formaldehyde and asbestos
  • Value for money compared to its lifetime
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Apart from the abovementioned, PYX PVC foam sheet does not decay when it is wet. Without fungus, termite, or insect problem, PVC foam sheet is popular for furniture components that require moisture resistance, e.g. bathroom, vessel, seafood processing plant.
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