Polycarbonate Solid Sheet

Polycarbonate Solid Sheet for indoor and outdoor decoration available in solid sheet and solid and embossed roll. Suitable for a variety of work, e.g. roofing, exhibition booth, room partition, advertising board, safety glass, soundproof sheet, and government protective shield.

PVC Rigid Sheet

PVC Rigid Sheet is suitable for engineering plastics. It is resistant to chemical
corrosion, strong and firm with good bearing capacity. It is suitable for cutting, drilling, welding, rolling, and folding work, e.g. chemical tank, hood, and duct. It is available in grey, white, and clear color.

PVC foam sheet or (Plastwood)

PVC foam sheet or Plastwood is suitable for both indoor and outdoor work. It can be used to build furniture in bathroom, kitchen, lab, and high moisture room, create advertising boards, letters, and stickers for indoor and outdoor decoration. It can be perforated for fence and lath as wood substitute to enhance beauty.

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