PC Henderson 301H

Product details

BSEN ISO 9001:2000 Quality System certified sliding door fittings from England.

Maximum bearing capacity 300-400 kg/panel.

Maximum panel height 3600 mm.

Panel thickness 43-57 mm.

Fittings include

  • Track: made from 55 mm x 66 mm and 2.0 mm thick inverted U shaped galvanized steel. The bottom has indentations to prevent friction between track and hangers
  • Bracket: for hanging and fixing track. The maximum width is 900 mm.
  • Hanger: 1 set has 4 hangers with 2 sets of bearings and dust and lubricant leak prevention seal, combined with 16 mm screws and prevailing-torque nuts. Use 2 sets/panel.
  • Guide: for wood door panel. Made from Brass Roller on metal core stick to Galvanized Use 2 units/panel.
  • For steel doors, the system is assembled from the top using horseshoe-shaped lock sheet which can be replaced without lifting the panel.
  • Guide Channel: made from 1.5 mm thick aluminium of 21 mm x 20 mm cross section (for wood door panels) made from 3 mm thick U-shaped steel of 38 mm x 27 mm (from steel door panel).


10-year warranty by Louis T. Leonowens (Thailand) Limited

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