Building & Architectural Materials

Architectural products distributed by Louis T. Leonowens (Thailand) are good value, competitively priced global brands. All types of construction

and building materials are available including carpets, wood, vinyl, and safety floorings, acoustic and aluminum composite wall panels and sheeting,

doors and windows fixtures.


We aim to offer top quality products and provide excellent service for all requirement.


-Our portfolio is constantly updated and expanded to ensure that the newest selections and the latest innovations, primarily recognized brands from

developed countries.


-We offering our customers the highest quality and premium grade products that are beautiful, durable, safe, and of a consistent quality at fair prices.


-Providing additional value with every purchase is our outstanding – honesty, trustworthiness, exemplary ethics, and transparency in conducting every

transaction according to our standardized and auditable system.


-We are prepared to support our customers every step of the way from product selection to installation and maintenance.


High quality and durable flooring materials from a leading world-class standard manufacturer under the company’s operating policy to offer high quality products at reasonable price to ensure user satisfaction.

Wall & Cladding

Decorative wall material designed for beauty and durability with various types of different applications for both indoor and outdoor produced by leading world-class standard manufacturers.

Doors Gears & Operators

High quality, durable, world-class standard sliding door and window set imported from overseas.

Acoustic Ceiling Tile

High quality decorative ceiling product for sound absorption and decoration imported from overseas.

Roofing & Engineering Sheets

Decorative flat sheet and roofing sheet for indoor and outdoor decoration, durable, strong, beautiful, popular in terms of price and quality.

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