Donation to The Mirror Foundation

Post Date : 19 July 2019
Catgory : CSR

Louis T. Leonowens (Thailand) Co., Ltd.donated notebook computers and projectors to The Computer for Children(C4C) project from The Mirror Foundation to pass on to schools and communities that lack of computers and other equipments on July 15, 2019, The Computer for Children(C4C) project from The Mirror Foundation has opened to donate of computers and peripherals for all conditions of use, which the staffs will bring to repair and check the condition before delivering to the small schools that need the support because small schools in upcountry areas still lacking learning materials such as computer equipment which is a education tools to find the information and research which in the present day is the era of information technology. If compared to the students in urban society, the students in rural areas are still could not reach to the information technology. Although the government will allocate budget, it seems that it is still not enough to cover the need for usage of computers.

Our company still has committed to developing the business together with returning the good things back by doing social support in various areas continuously until nowadays.

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